Oh Zoe! - Personalised Picture Books - Open for pre-orders

Save 10% when you pre-order for 2019 delivery.

Pre-orders open

Our Kickstarter is complete but you can still benefit from a 10% discount by ordering now for delivery in spring 2019. You won't be charged until your book is printed.

Next delivery date

We're in a variable delivery mode at the moment meaning your order will be complete in March 2019, or before that if we collect 100 pre-orders.

Easy personalisation

Once you've placed your order we'll email you a link to fill in all the personalisation details for your story.

Fully Funded in 12 hours!

Our kickstarter campaign was fully funded within 12 hours and we were delighted that the staff at Kickstarter loved us so much we made it into the "Projects we love" category (an honour reserved for only 1 in every 10 projects).

Visit the campaign page to find out more about the book and see our self-conscious video in all its glory!

Why should I order?

Although our site isn't quite fully live you're still able to buy the book and benefit from a discount - as soon as we've collected 100 orders we'll organise a print run and you won't be charged until your book is printed.

Did you know that 100% of 47 people surveyed said they would recommend the book to a friend? We're pretty proud of that stat!


We've had a lot of very kind words spoken about us during the campaign from our friends on Instagram, with particular highlights from mother_of_daughters, alifemoreinspired, srosegregory, toomuchmotheringinformation, and motherhood_rx.

Meet the team


Katharine set up Oh Zoe! to bring fabulous personalised books to a much wider audience.

Sas & Yosh

Sas & Yosh have created wonderful, joyous artwork for our first title. Check them out at sasandyosh.com


Award winning author Victoria Richards has crafted a magical tale for our first title - will you find the key to spring?

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