A guide to getting published

Thanks for visiting our submissions page. We guess you're interested in submitting your work to Oh Zoe! and we're excited to see it!

We've put together a guide on submitting your work to agents and publishers which we hope you'll find useful - this isn't just about submitting to us, but has some useful information for preparing your work for other publishers and agents too.

In the guide you will find info on:
  • How to prepare your work
  • How to query an agent / publisher
  • Just what agents do
  • Why it's about you as well as your work

Download the free guide here.

What are we looking for?

If you’ve read any of the rest of our site (which we’re sure you have) you will have noted that we publish personalised children’s picture books. That means we’re looking for stories that make the most of the opportunities that personalisation has to offer.

All our stories have a central child character that can be tailored by our customers to reflect the characteristics of the child that they are buying for. This means stories should make no assumptions about gender, age or ethnicity. Personalisation could include all all sorts of other characteristics….which is up to you.

Personalisation provides an exciting opportunity (or challenge, depending on your point of view!) so we encourage you to use it as an additional sword in your armoury to write a story that will be loved and enjoyed.

Layout Guidelines

All submissions should fit into a standard picture book format of 32 pages with 12 to 15 spreads.

In general our picture books are aimed at audiences aged 0-8 with a word count of up to about 1000. We won't actually check the word count or be too strict on the age of the intended audience, though we hope that providing some broad guidance here will avoid some of the more obvious errors.

All titles will be printed in portrait format, so if your story relies on a different page format then I'm afraid you're out of luck. Eventually we hope to print in a wider range of formats, but starting with one set size helps keep our print costs down and make the business viable.

Submission Guidelines

You should download the submission form here, and carefully follow the guidance provided.

The story should be set out on the pages as you envisage it will appear in print - we have provided a comments box for you to provide additional information pertaining to the story. Please use this box sparingly, we do not require descriptions of what you think the artist should illustrate, but you should include details which are key to the story and would not be clear without the additional description.

You have the option of entering a summary for the story to accompany the text. This is not required but you may wish to use it to set out any additional information you think might help us enjoy your story. You may have a particular audience or specific age range in mind. You may want to provide additional context to the setting of the story which doesn't otherwise appear in the text.