What we do

After too long in the rat race it's time to follow our passion into the world of publishing - we love literature, our house is overflowing with books - and we feel it's time to put our experience in the wider world into effect.

Drawing on our professional experience in software development, marketing and publishing we've set up Oh Zoe! to take advantage of technological progress in the world of digital print. Digital printers enable magical things to happen: you can personalise just about anything.

We print each and every book on demand, and each story is your very own oh-so-personal combination of both words and illustrations. Our website will allow you to personalise the characters' names and traits within the story, and then select from a range of illustrations which most closely match the child the book is written for.

Meet the team

We're Katharine and Matt Harbord – a team with a bucketful of experience. Katharine has worked in publishing and marketing, most recently as online and marketing manager for an international luxury jewellery brand. Matt has worked as a quantitative analyst, software developer and project manager. Matt was also a volunteer coach and trustee at a kid’s water-sports charity. So he can both kayak and chat to you about charity governance at the same time.

We're ably assisted by Tina Lee, a commissioning editor with many years of experience in children's publishing, and also our head of quality assurance, Isabella, who has two years of life experience and knows a good book when she sees it.

Our ethos

We’re driven by a few different things, which make Oh Zoe! bloomin’ brilliant.


Our stories are written by super talented writers, and they’re brought to life by ingenious, skilful illustrators. The books themselves are printed on high quality paper and are built to last. They are a joy to read and pleasure to own.


Sharing stories is about so many things, which - to us – all boil down to happiness. To absorb a child in a story is pure magic, and we produce brilliantly written stories which spark imagination, create a shared moment as you cuddle up to read and (hopefully) contribute to a life-long love of reading and all that that entails.

We’re making picture books. For children. This is a dream come true. There aren’t many jobs out there where your aim is to spread joy as far and wide as possible.

Being Nice

We’re a friendly bunch here at Oh Zoe! and we stick to that whether we’re working with you or delivering stonking customer service. A smile goes a long way, especially when accompanied by a conscientious effort to do the right thing. This includes paying our authors, illustrators and other suppliers fairly, as well as paying our fair share of tax. If your business model doesn’t include paying fairly, it’s just wrong.